ASP.Net MVC & jQuery – utopia!!!

I finally got the chance to start working on ASP.Net MVC with jQuery & Linq.

My last project was based on the now “old” .Net 2.0  & we went with a complete MS technology stack including their version of AJAX. Adding third party controls to the mix didnot help & only added to the overall complexity of the system. 

MS Ajax – is surely past its sell by date.

When this library was first put out, I was truly excited & hoped it would be all it promised to be. For sometime, I really enjoyed it. But then once I got jQuery-ed, its bye-bye Ms. Ajax. Inspite of all her glitz & glamour, I lost my heart to the pure simplicity of jQuery. 

I have never been a big believer of third party controls – regardless of the claims of the component supporters.

True they save you a load of upfront effort & look cool. Unfortunately, in my experience, the project starts degrading in performance, maintainability & testability the minute a third party control starts appearing in your codebase.

Needless to say, after all that – MVC, jQuery & Linq – utopia!!!


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