It’s all in the mind of a pig!

Having worked with Agile teams starting back in 2002, my personal experience is that, the mindset of the pigs on the team is a key differentiation between the success or failure of the project.

It does not matter if you have a local co-located Agile team or a global, multicultural, team spread across multiple time-zones Distributed Agile team – it is as simple as the mindset of the members in the team which can be the difference between successful delivery or failure at every step.

The Agile Manifesto values:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

I think the authors got this spot-on for the succinctness of the statement & the fact that it is the very first value of the Manifesto!

Individuals & interactions – especially within the Agile team (the Pigs) are the key.

So, what needs to be in the mind of the pig & why does it matter, given that its commitment to the endeavor is bacon?

The Mind of a Pig

For me – if every individual on the Agile team knows his area of contribution & contributes to the best of his ability on that, constitutes the ideal Agile team.

This expectation includes:

  • Understanding the role that individual is performing
  • Understanding the deliveries for that role
  • Understanding the measurement of “done”
  • Understanding how this role impacts the other roles & their deliveries

If an individual contributor can come into an Agile team with the above understanding very clear in his mind, it is of immense help & an major contribution in itself.

Sometime, the understanding of the role in the grand scheme of things can be rather humbling, other times tad disconcerting – but all-in-all extremely vital mindset for the success of the project.

One might argue, that having individuals with this mindset, is an asset to any project & is not dependent on the execution methodology used & indeed will be a success in Agile & non-agile project.

But like I started – it’s all in the mind of a Pig!


3 thoughts on “It’s all in the mind of a pig!

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