Prediction is very difficult…

Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future – Niels Bohr

I was reading an extremely interesting article about the Theory of Disruptive Innovation. Needless to say, Steve Jobs features prominently when we look up any material in this area.

Let me point to one such article which talks about how Steve Jobs solved the Innovator’s Dilemma.

I am not your typical iFanBoy, but you need to respect what the man achieved in his lifetime. The impact of the iPhone/iPad/iMac has been so profound that any literature about disruptive innovation is quite incomplete without understanding the workings of the mind of Steve Jobs.

At this point, I want you, my dear blog-reader, to read an interview of the person who “influenced” Steve Jobs & may I ask you to pay close attention to the last 3 questions in the article – which brings us back to the real purpose of this article, enjoy 🙂


One thought on “Prediction is very difficult…

  1. The only hinderance of innovation, according to me, is the negative (apparently positive) energy that persist all around. It is the human tendency to get stick to useless activities very fast and may tend to neglect their primary karma. The person may tend to take a path of sabotage and theft which is very serious. In this case, it becomes very important for an entrepreneur to stay focused on what they do.

    The main intention of Steve Jobs, which he followed very strictly, was to bring something new to the world. Only they were able to give the definition of “something”. The main purpose of Steve Jobs was to innovate as against to Bill Gates who believed in doing lot of business. Both are successful and equally respected by others.

    Steve Jobs gave the power of macbook to the world. Bill Gates gave an easier way to achieve programmability of the softwares on the different platform. It won’t be wrong to say that the macbook is far more advanced than windows computer in terms of graphics, fonts and usability. It brought the concept of multi-touch mouse pad and many more that enriched the user experience of internet browsing. Windows, on other hand, is more user friendly in terms of developing/deploying the applications and ease of use. They both executed well in an uncertainity because uncertainity is the part of business. I am sure that they have also seen hardships, attritions, surprises and failures but they had a strong mitigation plan which pulled them out from any of these problems.

    I think a plan to develop entrepreneurship amonst its employees should be included in all major organizations. This will help organizations to evolve at faster pace because everyone would see the drastic increase in their capabilities. And the more capable team feels more confident at all times. Let the team relax as much as they can while at work and they will be more innovative and productive! Yep, my two cents, ofcourse. #innovation #organization #development

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